Hot Power Flow, Bikram Style and Yin Yoga in Sarasota

Body Heat Yoga Studio is the only yoga studio in Sarasota that offers both Bikram yoga classes, Hot Power Flow yoga classes, and Yin yoga classes.

Owner Kelly Prince opened the studio in July 2007 to create yoga classes and a stretching-based fitness studio where everyone can practice yoga in comfort. All our yoga classes are held in warm temperatures to create detoxification, stretch muscles and burn extra calories.

Yoga For Everyone

Yoga classes for everyone’s body and mind, at an easy location and a great price

Most students start yoga classes with us to achieve physical gains, which happen quickly. However, we are confident that our students will improve beyond physical goals with improved clarity, focus and discipline. You will learn to let go and practice from your heart, and your body will follow. Our yoga classes are for everyone’s body and mind, whether you’re a beginner or well into your yoga practice. We offer the best prices in town, a great location near I-75 and teachers who are trained, certified and committed to you and your yoga practice.

Body & Mind

Yoga classes taught by experienced professionals

Body Heat Owner Kelly Price has taught yoga classes to more than 100 professional athletes, from major league baseball, football and hockey players to professional basketball and tennis athletes. In order to get the most out of their performance, these athletes needed to develop both mind and body strength and flexibility to combat internal and external stressors that can cause physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Body Heat was founded on the success of the combination of yoga classes and heat, which together provide drastic physical, mental and emotional improvements for athletes of all levels.

Yoga Classes Taught by Experienced Professionals

“You will see the difference on the outside and feel the difference on the inside. This studio is for everyone. We welcome all of you to Body Heat Yoga.”

- Kelly Prince