Getting Started with Body Heat Yoga

If you are feeling nervous, intimidated, scared or you’ve never done yoga before, you’re coming to the right place.  

It’s normal to feel all of those emotions and more, but don’t let that stop you.  We get new people all the time and you will be surrounded by students of various levels.   The Bikram Style class is designed as a beginner series, so if this is your first time, this is a great class for you.  The class follows the same sequence of postures every time, so after only a few sessions you will feel right at home!

Preparing for Yoga Class

Arrive 15 – 20 minutes early for your first class.  This gives us time for registration, orientation and results in a stress free experience for your first class.


Classes start on time, so we can end on time.  If you come after the start time, doors will be locked.  Please understand we are working to provide a quality yoga experience for you and our students, just make sure to arrive on time!


You can make the process quicker by signing up for our 1st Time class online and completing the waiver online.

Hydration and Food

The day you are coming to class, drink plenty of water throughout the day.   Also, make sure to not eat a large meal close to class time, you can have something small like a bar, shake, banana prior to class, but anything more may result in you feeling nauseous.  

What to Wear

Remember that you will be sweating (a lot).  

Women:  Best to wear clothes that are fitted, if comfortable you can wear a sports bra or sports bra and tank top, with shorts or capris.  If you don’t have any yoga clothes, any workout clothes will be fine.


Men:  Wear swim trunks or basketball type shorts.  

Make sure to stay away from sweatpants and loose cotton clothing, it will absorb the sweat and will not be very comfortable.  Also, if you would like, you can bring clothes to change into after your yoga practice.

What to Bring to Yoga Class

A yoga mat, a large bath towel or yoga towel and water.  If you don’t have those, we rent and sell those items as well.   

Yoga is for Every Body!

All we ask is that when you come to our classes, you do each posture to the best of your ability.  That’s how you receive the benefits.  You can always lie down on your mat if you need to, and join the class once you feel comfortable.   If any posture is painful or very uncomfortable, we recommend you back off of the posture.  


Remember, you don’t have to get in shape or get flexible before coming to class, yoga will help you get there.  Take class as often as you can, this will help in your journey to get in shape, lose weight, improve flexibility and at the same time helping you feel great.  


We always hear people say they’re worried others will be looking at them, in reality, every student is there to focus on themselves, their practice, breathing, balancing, etc.   

Yoga Class Etiquette

  • Once class has begun, please don’t talk
  • Stay in the room during class, this will help with your mental and physical strength and also allows the instructor to keep an eye on you. In the event of an emergency, please let the teacher know that you need to leave, so they can assist you if necessary.
  • Rest whenever you need to. Rest is part of the practice, even the experienced yogis rest sometimes. If you get tired or dizzy, lie down on your back in savasana and take a break. It’s no problem!
  • Drinking Water: If you need to get water, try to do it between postures, not during a pose. This is out of respect to your classmates.
  • Put effort into moving in unison with others in the classroom. The more you move together, the more energy will be in the classroom!
  • During savasana, please lie down on your back, your head facing the mirrors and feet facing the back wall.

Body Heat Studio Reminders

Will this yoga class be challenging for you?  Yes, it’s challenging for everyone.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to listen to your own body, if you need to rest, please do so.  Be patient and kind to yourself and to others around you.  

As you continue to practice, your body will get used to the heat.  You will find a greater ease with your breath, with the postures, and a greater stillness in between postures.  The best way to achieve these results is to take as many classes as possible when you begin.  That way you will feel the benefits and will improve quickly!   

Any questions please get in touch

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